Modelling Workshops for Adults

Modelling Workshops for Adults

These are led by a well-known modeller/tutor and unless otherwise noted Workshops run from 0930 to 1600; take place at Pendon Museum; are restricted to 6 people; and includes a sandwich lunch. Please note that these Workshops are intended for people of 18 years and over.

Weathering and painting

Weathering with an airbrush

On 24 February, 9 June and 10 November at Pendon
Led by: Mick Bonwick
This Workshop covers many aspects of using an airbrush for weathering model railways, from choosing appropriate equipment to applying the correct materials with relevant techniques. If you don’t already have an airbrush, we can loan you an Iwata (with compressor and spray booth) to use while you’re with us. The Workshop provides a useful opportunity to try airbrushing before making a purchase.

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Weathering without an airbrush

On 25 February, 10 June and 11 November at Pendon
Led by: Mick Bonwick
Concentrates on the hand-finishing techniques that can be employed to complement airbrush work or to use as stand-alone weathering treatments.

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Creating and painting miniature figures

On 28 April and 29 April at Pendon
Led by: Alan Buttler & Tim Shackleton
This workshop provides an opportunity to create unique figures based on each participants needs. Alan Buttler of ModelU scans each participant in a pose and dress decided by the participant and the result is subsequently 3D printed for that person’s exclusive use. Tim Shackleton advises and coaches participants in how to successfully paint miniature figures.
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Advanced weathering

On 19, 20 May and 14, 15 July at Pendon
Led by Tim Shackleton and Mick Bonwick
This workshop is for modellers with basic weathering skills who wish to progress towards something more innovative and individual. You’ll be working under supervision on the project(s) of your choice, gaining confidence as you progress and being continually encouraged and advised – especially with regard to other approaches, materials and techniques you might like to try. You’ll discover new ways of looking at your subject, explore different methods of achieving results and gain an enhanced awareness of the possibilities of creating ultra-realistic weathering in a style that’s uniquely your own.
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Buildings and landscapes

Detailing the scene

On 17 March, 18 March, 24 November and 25 November at Pendon
Led by: Mick Bonwick & Nick Wood
This workshop covers many aspects of detailing the scenery on a model railway, from creating the landform to producing puddles, grassy areas, hedges, weeds and shrubs. Basic techniques will be discussed and used to create a small diorama with static grass, ground foam and other simple materials which will be supplied by Pendon Museum and included in the fee.
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Scratchbuilding structures from card

On 17 February at Pendon
Led by: Nick Wood & Mick Bonwick
This one-day workshop is designed to provide participants with the basic skills and techniques to plan and construct buildings and other structures from scratch using card and printed textures. Under the course leaders’ guidance you will have the opportunity to scratchbuild a small building using Scalescenes printed textures.
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Essentials of loco chassis construction

On 15 September and 16 September at Pendon
Led by Tim Shackleton
The early stages of building any model are critical. If key components aren’t straight, square, level and perfectly aligned from the start, then no amount of fiddling will ever put them right and the model will never run satisfactorily. This Workshop aims to encourage best practice in the fundamentals of model-making. None of it is rocket-science – patience, care and learning how to check and double-check are far more useful than expensive jigs and state-of-the-art soldering irons. Once acquired, these skills last a lifetime.
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Introduction to control systems

On 14 April and 13 October at Pendon
Led by: Mick Moignard
Introduces modern control systems covering: a brief review of model railway control systems. Includes an exercise in setting up a system and operating a loco.
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