Modelling Workshops

Modelling Workshops

These are led by a well-known modeller/tutor and are limited to a maximum of 6 people. This enables each participant to have personal coaching. Please note that these Workshops are intended for people of 16 years and over.
More details can be found in our Webshop where places can be booked.

Scratchbuilding structures from card
Led by: Nick Wood & Mick Bonwick
Builds basic skills and techniques to plan and construct buildings and other structures using card and printed textures. 

Weathering with an airbrush
Led by: Mick Bonwick
Covers many aspects of using an airbrush for weathering model railways, from choosing appropriate equipment to applying the correct materials with relevant techniques.

Weathering without an airbrush
Led by: Mick Bonwick
Concentrates on the hand-finishing techniques that can be employed to complement airbrush work or to use as stand-alone weathering treatments.

Detailing the scene
Led by: Mick Bonwick & Nick Wood
Covers many techniques to produce detailed scenery. You will learn how use static grass, ground foam and other simple materials to create a small diorama.

Photographing model railways
Led by: Andy York (RMWeb and BRM)
An opportunity to learn from one of the top model railway photographers in a unique situation.

Introduction to control systems
Led by: Mick Moignard
Introduces modern control systems covering: a brief review of model railway control systems. Includes an exercise in setting up a system and operating a loco.

Creating and painting miniature figures
Led by: Alan Buttler & Tim Shackleton
An opportunity to create your own miniature figures and be coached in adapting and developing your painting skills.

More details can be found in our Webshop where places can be booked.

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