The Vale Scene

This is an ambitious model of a typical part of the countryside of the Vale of White Horse as it was in the 1930s that recaptures in miniature an impression of the calm unhurried beauty of the past.

The model is over a scale mile in length and measures 21 × 9 metres. There is a map of the model linked below with buildings, railways and other features marked.

The imaginary village of ‘Pendon Parva’ is built around an ancient hill-fort with agricultural landscape surrounding the village. Also featured are the derelict Wilts. and Berks. Canal and the Great Western Railway main line.

In the valley, through farmland and meadows busy with harvest-time activities, pass sequences of trains of the period in their colourful variety, all modelled with care for historical accuracy.

Thatched cottages and farm buildings patterned the landscape, connected by a network of chalky lanes, plied locally by horse-drawn transport and only the occasional car or lorry.

This slumbering scene was disturbed by the occasional express which, racing by on the Great Western main line, was a reminder of changing times….

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